Not hurting myself to get toons until we get some gear

I know that scopely’s new Business model is to add more and more toons with better AR’s and weapons because people will keep spending and grinding and watching ads for coins…

However…they have choked off the opportunities for good gear so badly that people are completely over saturated with ascendable toons that they can’t ascend.

I currently have 34 ascendable toons that I can’t max out without 34 GPS’s, 34 canteens and a ton of double holsters, whetstones, hockey masks etc.

I think I’m at the point where…sure…new toons would be great but I’m definitely not going to spend for them anymore when I already have at least 10 others I’d like to max out first


Just go to platinum league. There’s plenty of gear there, at least for one character a week.


half a toon a week as you need 12 of things

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Are you counting chars like evasion yellow Negan, 3rd Mirabelle, Christmas Shiva, etc? Because I’m pretty sure they can stay at T3.


They are counting 5th Winter Richard, 3rd Shane, and 11th Barker.


With the countdown timers on all the slots, there is no way you can say there is “plenty” of gear in the platinum league store unless you’re anything other than a casual player.


When they took league coins away the statement from @JB.Scopely was more tokens for gear…however there was no increase in the amount of gear we could get without COINS to refresh. They don’t even offer the amount needed to max a 1 toon let alone 3 or 4…yes there is a need to be cautious about using gear and medals however like op said whats the point and getting all these new toons from events with no gear to level them.
The gear maps provided are rng farmable. So you could use 20 cans and get everything but what you need. This has happened to me. I have over a 100 journals and 6 camp stoves…im not exaxtly sure how much tokens from leagues was increased does anyone actually know? Because this season im constantly out of league tokens where as prior seasons i had plenty of excess.
So these toon events are great but can we please get a gear event that’s not rng. We need a way to replinish the amounts once we do that its easier to maintian through other avenues.


I’m not sure if there IS plenty of gear in platinum anyway at least not on a weekly basis. Just a canteen and a gps is what? 36,000?

As far as toons I’m counting…34 is how many I have that I could take to t4…not how many I would actually use on an offensive or defensive team…I probably have between 6-10 that I might use on a team. However…I would LIKE to be able to get the other ones to t4 if for no other reason than to get level up points or use them on SR when they require you to use an all blue team for instance.

The point is, I am acquiring ascendable characters at a much faster rate than I can possibly use…and I think that eventually becomes a disincentive to keep pushing for more toons.


If you are not a casual, then use coins for more gear.

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I have about 15 toons t3 and more at t2 and a ton i wont even ascend because i know i dont have gear. 1 issue is you need 2 walkies and 2 radios, plus lets say you have 3 blue toons and 3 red but they are all soldiers. So in the 5* stage they all need same gear then in 6* stage you still need same gear for t1 to t2…obviously you wont need every toon you get but with all these level ups its hard not to. I cant even count the amount of 5* sitting t2 maxed because im afraid to use gear to go further. I am very good with preppin and maximizing but at this point i am starting to be unable to level anything but yellow peacekeepers because that’s all the gear i have.


That uncomfortable feeling just before doing a “free” daily SC pull; dreading getting a new ascendable, knowing you are depleted for leveling it and all the other toons you want to use, and probably won’t see the gear for it et. al. For quite some time… :pensive:




I’m only ascending the best toons. That blue Maggie that we just got probably will stay a 5*. The gear shortage is absolutely ridiculous


Yes! People should know that you don’t need to acend that 7th Winter Richard.


I’m probably not even going to max out my Alice any time soon because she’s more for support than attacking. Maybe if I start to run her on defense. Just don’t have the need to do it right now

I think it’s more important to max Sandy and Bruce before Alice

Ummm no just no.


Yeah, I’ll probably max Shawn before her too

Alice is ascended. Just staying t3