Not good enough


Seriously guys…



Can’t even do a roadmap without spending money. Hilarious. Sweet event.


Lol knew it.


ha, i don`t really like the event either, but clearly you need to start learning to read, they drop in raids and they give you some for free everyday


But 4* Red Mark is in the wheel. He’s super Awesome. That makes it all worth it. :+1:

I’m pretty sure enough drops will occur to give you at least 0 pulls.


5* non-ascendable toons should not be prizes for this type of event @JB.Scopely to grind grind grind and spend money all for 1 or 2 pulls and 93% of pulls will return essentially a Benedict…cool. Definitely gets me wanting to spend money and invest time.

Ascendable only toons moving forward.


The event stinks and the 2nd stash is completely p2p? What a shocker. :ghost:


Also the museum has one token for completion when you need a hundred to get a pull and you can only claim up to 20


Different tokens. Use these tokens on a stash where you can get 120 total.


Aww my bad. Thanks


A truly nightmare for event, at least


Games doing some spoooooky stuff tonight


I’m shocked no gator on that crap of a wheel. I’m sure if he was gator would have his own odds on pulling him


Can’t wait to collect my axel


Gator is love, Gator is life.


I would be more than satisfied with one. Which means I’ll get anyone but him


It’s Not the same Token


*spooooopy! Very spoopy!


Just another non event to add to the growing list of non events.
Reach for your credit cards guys


So convoluted.

Well atleast i should get some legendary tokens out of it. not breaking my back (or my bank) for this one