Not getting tires/keys/batteries from buying from the shop

This has happened to me and several other people, showed that money was taken out for the offer but didn’t receive the offer. Tried contacting support and they said we had to contact apple or google. The offer is no longer available either. Is this happening to anyone?

I hope scopely isn’t expecting google or apple to refund us because they failed to deliver the items.

Im curious do you already have both maps done for today? If so keys wont show up until new maps start. When you purchased did they have the items show like normal but never made it to inventory or did it just not even show u the items and prestige directly after?

Saw the whole process where it added to my prestige and everything but the items never made it to inventory.

Close and restart the game, give it time to refresh inventory.

it’s been over a day already and even got a response from support that I had to contact apple. Even changed devices.

i know at some point my red keys werent showing after i got the crate with a key and batteries for 150 coins. But turned out when my maps were already opened for the day so my keys didn’t show anywhere til map refresh. I was curious if maybe this happened. But if you didn’t receive the batteries either its likely an error and youll need a refund from whomever you use google or apple.

Yeah I should, waste of time

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