Not Getting Credit for Payback Negan Kills

Has anyone else not gotten credit for killing payback negan? I missed out on farming him in survival road because I went back to where he was before I finished, and he wasn’t there. I couldn’t find him again before the end of the event.

Then, I thought maybe I could find him in arena. I did three arenas and no one had him on their defense team.

Then I spent a while searching for a particular person in our region that had negan, according to someone in my faction. He told me to kill negan, flee, and raid again until I had as many kills as I needed. When I finally found him, after spending lots of time and food, I did as my faction mate suggested and got 3 kills. I only needed 2 to complete the mission. But, after I did this, I discovered that none of these kills counted for this mission.

At this point, I’m pretty aggravated. Rather than the game being fun, it is becoming a lot of work and beginning to aggravate me.

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Well, the mission is to defeat Negan, but because you fled, you didn’t actually defeat him.


I suspected that might be the case, but it worked for the other guy in my faction.

Def have to win. The same happened in survival road to me. I killed him enough times but his payback got me and I had to go back and finish the level to get the credit.


So now I spent three more arenas tickets and found him in two more teams. Beat the entire team. Still didn’t count. I’ve about had it with this event.

I was at work the last of the sr event and couldn’t find him in any before that. I made it to the one past gold. Everyone said he was in gold 19 but I had no luck finding him. Nor in arenas or daily sr. Idk what we do. There’s no way I’m making level up either I just had b4 the event. Lol. Its designed to make you miss them I believe. Good luck!

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SR and raids count. Friendly duels, arenas don’t count.


You could find someone not in your faction to put him up as a raid defense. Use revenges to save some food. Lmk if you need details on how to use revenges if someone is willing to help you.


Ill try that. Thanks. I’m in Morgan so Idk how many are around. But its worth a try.

So i guess you have to find a guy that has Negan first in order to do a revenge kill on him…

I am still looking to find him outside of SR. Any suggestions?

And no one in my faction has him, but maybe my region. I hope so.

My Faction doesnt have him either…still looking.

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He was in the SR tournament. Ask in global chat if someone has him, ask kindly if the person would set him up as def team (only him) and then keep searching for his / her bot team.

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Ask on line or global. When someone is willing to work with you, find anyone in their faction and hit them. This makes you show up in their faction revenge list. You need to close the game so you’re not shielded, then the guy with Negan hits you. Then the guy with Negan needs to close the game so they’re not shielded and you can hit them from your revenge list.

Obviously works best if they don’t care about rep or if your rep is higher than theirs, but saves you a ton of food this way.


Update: I wasn’t able to get anyone in another faction. A few had him up but I wasn’t finding them and it was still expending a lot of time and food. So, someone from my faction left the faction, raided a few of us, and I was able to hit him from the faction activity screen.

Thanks for your help.

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Happy it helped in some way!

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Thank you lady. I did. And I made it! Appreciate you!


Coming late to the party here :partying_face: and @LadyGeek amongst others have answered you already.


Not an answer, a work around…


This all depends on the good will of the region.
If that will dont excist what to do then?
Just a bad choice of judgment to have these type of milestones.