Not getting 30day pass


I have purchased 30day pass but aint getting it and it is 2times bought i see in my bank account
Stakeland soldiers
Andriod samsung s8

Any suggestions?

Kind regards pazzesco


Contact CS


How to contact him/her?


In game, go to menu, options and click the support button on the bottom left of the screen.

Then click on the top right corner of the Support page (shown in picture) and type your issue with proof of not getting what you paid for.


sorry scream nothing here like they wont help me dont know but spend about 20 euro


You can also contact support through:


That’s not cool @pazzesco but yes, you can also contact via the email address @Andrea_Scopely posted.


Thx andrea and scream i will try the mail hope on result

Thx for the support all


Money got transfured back thx scopely :grin: