Not garrett just tokens


Dear developers, I have a problem, I received an award from the second round of cakes, but I did not receive the award from the tournament for the candle. I ask you to help me. I like this game, but I ask everyone to respect the player’s rights, because I played it for two years and always played fair. My name in game is DANCIK ZLODEY. Thanks.

Garret is no go

not the only one pal


But this guy is definitely important enough that his plight should deserve a near identical thread…


I have 5 guys in my faction with the same problem and then seeing some players got 2 Garrets. Theyve done the waiting 20 minutes and still nothing!? Come on Scopely it’s obvious it’s gone wrong!!


I’m the same, was in top tier but only received 30 tokens, no Garrett


Yea me 2 received only 30 tokens and no garret. The same happened to another 2 in my faction in chilton . And customer support never answer in android device


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