Not enough time in battles to win!

It would be great to add more time when battling in wars and raids! With all the toons now being revives and shields it’s take longer to beat a team and the time limit is just to short! We can beat teams and lose most of the time due to time out! Please add more time.

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If you can’t win in the time then just take the loss and move on. There is no need for 30 minute battles


What’s wrong with adding another 2-3 minutes to the raiding time?

I’ve had so many raids lately where I had a toon down to the brink of death and then the decap didn’t finish the job. Next round the toon goes from 20Hp left to 4k HP and 2k bonus HP because of all these nonsense toons.

It’s not like F2P have melee AP leads for attack so they can finish before all the bonus HP chit goes off.

I wouldn’t mind it but it is a defensive strategy to try and time you out. Raids are whatever, they should be unlimited.

But I always tell my faction mates to flee if they get stuck in the loop. There are times I clear all 8 camps and they are still on gen A. I don’t understand it.


I think extending the raid time by 1-2 should be enough.


Most people don’t have a R3 team, so they struggle hard. If you don’t finish early, you have to chew trough tons of red and blue HP bars. Takes a bit.

For raiding and Onslaught a longer timer would make sense. In war not so much, because fleeing 4 times gives more points than just battling it out til the clock runs out and your camp is down. You definitely got a point there.

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It’s a good thing we have burn and bleed damage.

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If you have alice thats why.

I do… but that’s not my point. I didn’t have Alice until she came out lol. The revive/shield meta has been around forever. If you get stuck in a loop and can’t decap, just flee in war. 5 minutes to win a battle is better than 2 defends imo.

Are the timers for onslaught shorter?
Seems to be a bigger issue


I agree on an extra 2-3 minutes. I often can win it just takes a few tries to get the decap chain going, towards the end of which I’ve been timed out

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That won’t help taking these toons down for good though.

Raising the timer value on war would be pointless since top players will destroy you in one minute or less, with or without towers.

Maybe use burn and bleed, the land the killing blow with decap.

3 minute

@Clemo81 What are you saying…

If they extended the time, you know the same people whining about time outs would start whining about all the bonus HP toons going off more now that they have more time to do so.

No chit, Sherlock. :roll_eyes:

The problem, as I have explained above already, is the RNG element of the attack. You chip away from the toons and the moment you want to finish off, you get a bad roll and the toon stays alive with 20hp just to get 3k HP healed and 2k bonus HP applied the next turn. Even if bleed/burn would kill the toon, he’d be revived no matter what.

Wow bro, I can’t believe you are mad.

War timer is fine. Raid timer should be increased to match it. Why wouldnt they be the same anyway?