Not complaining or anything

Firstly thanks for bringing the 6* territories back I do enjoy having something else to do.
But the big problem is there isn’t every collection item we are missing blue keys, bullets or slug shots and red velvet cakes are still missing could you add the other ones to make more variety than just to last time it was choice boxes.


Could be a cool event but when the top few factions are the only ones the whole 3 or so days to get them it’s suddenly not good anymore.


We have it where the top faction takes one everyone else fights for the other

If there were more, players wouldn’t be spending cans. That’s what happened with the beads over the weekend.

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6* territories are a non event if there’s not enough open. No-one else gets to hold them and lower facs likely can’t hit the teams placed in for trophies. 4 was pushing it but they get no gratzi for 2


This has always been the problem with every part of the game.

Really wish they would change it.People are complaining like it’s the top teams fault of the region, I blame scopes.
We need change.


It’s like they want to divide the player base for some reason wonder what it could be.

For us (at least from what I’ve seen) the same few factions got the territories each time. Around 200k worth of teams were put on them and would be refreshed when lowered. I think I saw 1 or 2 times a lower faction got one of them.


This is how to close gaps lol


Yup last time there was enough territories for all the main active factions in the region to have one.

They very rarely changed hands so no profit for scopely. This new format has already earned them tons of can use. Coin revives. the chance to not even get rewards unless you hold for 2 hrs for same rewards as “incentive” to spend to keep is rediculous. We gave good feedback about the new format and they took everything we liked a made it once again about the almighty dollar. Its embarrassing at this point

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