Not buying Madison

Hi @kalishane. Thought I might weigh in here in case you want to take it to your team.

I would love to have Madison. I use Red Kenny now for my anti Carl team and think Madison would be a great replacement. However I currently have four legendaries with 1/10 AR and Maggie coming later this month (whom I am excited to be getting.)

I’d love to do a couple of forty pulls trying for Madison but don’t want to do it as it might be a few months before I can get her up to speed and ready for Wars.

My suggestion is to increase trainers and such. I would’ve gladly spent money for Madison but for the lack of trainers and such to make her competitive. And no, I do not want to give you $25 for two Lilliths.


They will just stop giving free 6s :wink:


Soooo youll spend 100’s of dollars on a non guarantee at a madison. But refuse to spend 25 bucks on a couple guaranteed lilliths? :man_shrugging: