Not another recruiment Tread... well it is another recruiment tread :)


Apparently it is a trend this week to look for European players, well here also my grain of sand, we are looking for some European players or Aussie who can score over 100K for our night shift, currently we have been among the Top 11-15 in the past 3 CRW, but we had many problems with our night shift this is because some of our players have retired for personal issues and others left the game.

We have a very solid team between a mix of P2P (80%) and FTP (20%), but our goal is to stay in the Top 5-10 in the next CRW, so if you are looking for a new start, come with us and fight together.

We change region this week with the end of season, and región is drama free and no trolls at all, plus the region has shared critical territories, so at any time you can start your creations with the good Earl ¬ ¬, also many in the region lower their defenses for raid tournaments.

Any questions you can send me a personal message or find me in line under the ID: Rafamagazzo

I always see ppl saying we need euros or Aussie you should also look for Americans that work night shifts idk just saying

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Because you should not be playing at work :wink:

What if ya don’t work on the weekends tho? Btw I’m just putting out examples I don’t work nights and I’m not looking for a new faction lol

Rafa, I feel like you copied my post from yesterday… :thinking::thinking:

80 percent P2P and finishing outdide top 10? Might wanna dump some for some more active f2p.

But mine have a zombie with a hat, zombie with a hat :wink:

Well everything is possible bro :wink: im ftp and always score like 200k-300k, if you know some ftp for night shift send them this way, we have cookies and shiva bot :grinning: