Not again? Stop running offers for expired events!

Yes, we all get it - the guy that was running the show was seriously sick or on a long leave of absence, so some players oriented decisions could have been made in design and marketing… Yet the dude is back in style, so we get all the usual shady tactics of withholding information, PTW content dressed as “free” (maybe as in you are free to spend on it?) silly RNG and what not.

But do you really need to run cash offers for Seltzers when the event ended yesterday???


Just in case you got a hangover and need another fix.

There is no excuse👍


Not only are they still running them but I got a pop up for the offers when I opened the game :rage:

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You can see the change in direction back to the money driven p2p carrot on a stick. Even new s’class toons were balanced during the lockdown i expect a super over powered one next more of old scopley its a shame really.

Yeah, that’s why I think the guy running the show pre-Covid got sick and came back only recently…


Very likely forgot to change the offer to arrows. Bleah.

Nice cat, my dude.

At this rate we will still be getting pop ups right before you try to attack a tower in the next war

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Who likes purple tokens


Wait, there will be towers in the next war? Or you mean by the time they work out how to make towers in war working again?

Hmm, looks like my mockery was right… There’s no tower in the upcoming CRW…

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