Not able to claim Axel

So I just finished the red kite roadmap and received 3 red kites. Before starting the roadmap I had 8 out of the 10 red kites needed to redeem Axel. After completing the red kite roadmap, I should have been able to claim Axel with 11 red kites in total. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

Do you have wayland and ryker maxed?

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I do yes.

You won’t get any help here. Message support and ask them to check your account.

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Ok thanks

You sure you recived kites? Or you just finished roadmap without open crates in inventory?


I’m on the third time of completing this map and got elite tokens every time. Joke of a map.

You only have 8 red flags also are you sure it is the right road map


u sure u open boxes from roadmap ? and get required 2 red kites ?? or u get other stuff frim them bcz previous two times i did not get kites but thus time i got 4 kites

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Definitely shows your 2 RED kites short

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