Not able to attack territories in v. 12

Is not possible to attack territories in v. 12.0. The games shows “loading” for a little while, then it goes back to the territory screen, but IT DOES TAKE ONE TERRITORY ENERGY.

The only territories that I could attack were those occupied by walkers.


Me and a faction mate have this issue. I lost 6 energy before I realized what was going on.

i have same problem… @CombatDevIl

Could you investigate it, @CombatMan, please.

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You guys are on your regular regions, or beta?

Regular but on v12. When I attack it just takes away energy and ties up that def so no one else can attack.

Same bug for me used 4 energy no battle(regular region - beta build)


We’ve figured out the issue. It’s being looked into.

Same issue here. Beta user but this is in all regions. Can we take a bigger look at territories though in general @CombatMan they glitch all the time. Crashed constantly going back to the loading screen. Very frusterating

There’s been other threads on that. It’s still a work in progress.

i can now attack territories…excellent work as always, thanks!

From the experience of other players, and myself, I think this issue has been solved. We are able to attack territories normally now. Thank you.

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