Not a personal attack

@kalishane I’m sure you are busy, and have to filter through so many call outs/questions, but I’ve noticed a recent trend where you only post for general events or bugs. Will this be the new norm going forward? There are a bunch of unresolved or unanswered threads on the forums…thanks.

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She has stated that she won’t be responding to anything unless she is 100 percent confident. Which basically means she won’t be responding anymore since scopely can’t even put out a correct calendar of their own events.


Get in line buddy, I have DM’s that haven’t been answered in 2 weeks :disappointed_relieved:


I guess I missed that post. Back to the dark age.

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Yea what rockdale said^

So i don’t think she’s going to be interacting much anymore except for posting pre-written announcements and updating the schedule.

We reap what we sow, but they also need to toughen up and get their company operating correctly. The IUGO guys though have been hands down the most helpful in addressing questions and bug postings. But they also actually have information at hand to give out unlike their sibling Scopely.

The playerbase is kind’ve like an abused dog at the shelter at this point, going to take a lot of work to repair what was done, but you can’t get mad if we bite your hand every time until then.


you guys asked for that. she gave out a choice between leisure posting and strictly formal posting. the “consensus” was that they didnt want her posting just to post, and that it would be better that way. cant have it both ways. you guys brought that upon yourselves. im sure it doesnt matter to her in the slightest. she getting paid either way.


Exactly it is to be expected, Gotta love how half her job just got removed haha she’s probably loving it.


She mentioned a while back that the forums are a very small part of her job.

She also gets blasted by everyone here when she makes a mistake even when its no fault of her own. No one wants to be a part of a toxic environment like that. I don’t blame her one bit for “disappearing” on us. Remember she works for Scopely she is not Scopely. All she can do is pass on information that is provided to her by her bosses. If they choose to change things after the fact then everyone calls her a liar. Put yourself in her shoes for a second. Would you still want to post here? Didn’t think so.


She needs a new job then, or be an ally to the players and trash your own company haha. Otherwise silence is her best defense.

But really i dont have a problem with her but, she’s just the face of the beast we all wish we could get our hands on.

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Massive amounts of Stockholm syndrome in this thread and the forums in general. We’ve been let down so much it seems normal now

edit see’s Kalishane responding, goes to grab popcorn :popcorn:


I never asked for real problems and questions to be ignored. I understand she can’t answer all the fluff, but someone needs to let us know we aren’t being ignored and they are working on issues VIA updates to the community. Going dark, and posting only scripted Scopely announcements isn’t gonna help us move forward.

Surely there is a balance between “taking it to the team”, ignoring, and taking action with updates. Her job isn’t easy, but this is part of her job, even if she has other responsibilities.


She is only on forums for under an hour a day

So probably doesn’t have time to answer all posts (from profile info days visited read time 5days 118/(5*24)=.9 (50 minutes per day average). This figure is spewed as obviously in early days was on it more during set up

So probably around 30-45 mins per day realistically.

Wow. That was only 6 months ago.

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She was so innocent back then :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

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Really? Cause I seem to remember that she got crapped on everytime she acknowledged a problem and said she will look into an issue. “Take it to the team” was even being used as a negative meme against her.

And frankly, this place has been much less toxic now that she isn’t around as much.


That is intentional, as several other have already said.

But it is worth repeating; @kalishane decided to play the victim, instead of doing her job and communicate with the community.

Her silence is intentional, as per her own statement.


I don’t really care if kalishane wants to be mute to all threads and just post announcements me personally. She never been someone I could rely on and that’s not to say she doesn’t do her job but its pretty clear that people that work at scopely just don’t work together and do whatever they want its just how i feel about the company aside from people in IUGO. All I really want is the people directly responsible for the stuff they put out in this game which I mean rewards , events, war matching, the meta , offers ECT . I want real people that have their hands on the send button I dont even care about Albert I want the exact people that are creating this crap to come and explain to me what the hell is this and let us do the talking between them and have real conversations about what can change about this game. Take me to the freaking team!

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I mean… I’m pretty sure if your a customer service rep… you can’t ignore the negative complaints and just answer the “nice questions”. Every time there a feedback post, nothing gets done. For example, they asked for feedback on the daily map and has anything changed?.. they asked for feedback on the awful faction assault, has anything changed?? They asked for recommendations for prizes… where they listened to??? Whether it’s her fault or not, she’s the one that we are able to communicate with. What’s the point of these threads if they aren’t being utilized?


I liked the kitten gif. It was very stealable.

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I believe the point of this forum and @kalishane is for Scopely to be able to say they tried, while continue to do nothing close to players first.