Normalize toons

So if a human shield becomes normalized shouldn’t it negate its defense buff and no longer protect that turn?

Shield character can’t use its specialist, but the 50% def will still be applied because that 50% defense buff is applied for any character that defends, not just HS characters.


normalize only prevents a toon from using their specialist skill - but if the specialist skill is already activated it will run it’s course for that turn.

example: you normalize Frost with Princess - Frost still shields for your turn and has the 50% defence bonus which any character gets from defending (commanding, human shield-ing). The next turn - the HS will not be able to shield unless they recover normalize at the start of the turn - or I guess before their action (zach rushes at the start of the turn before Frost’s turn - he clears all penalties so Frost is not normalized anymore

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Yeah I understand this, but it’d make more sense if it just negates the specialist skill the moment normalize is used.

normalise is already one of if not the most useful and powerful affects in the game - making it activate immediately would make it crazy OP

It does negate the specialist skill immediately (i.e. the toon’s ability to trigger). It does not clear the prior activation of the skill. If you want to nypass shield, use focus…

Besides shield, outlast is also a specialist skill that cannot be reversed - example, if you have killed 3 characters and one of them is an outlast specialist, that toon will activate outlast and get AP (unless impaired). Princess’ subsequent active will lock onto 3 targets, but since 2 toons are completely gone, it would lock onto the outlasted one too - it would and should not kill that toon (should have AS’d him before killing him) and if the taunt gets resisted (bypassed by focus), that toon can screw you in their next turn.

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