Normalise (1984 chars)

Let’s have a guess on this tottally not 1984 sounding newspeak I mean word of a special effect is
My guess is
Make us conform to scopley ways and spemd out money and if we refuse we get electrocuted
Hence we’d be normal to scopes

Normalise : forces u to pay using ur credit cards , as a favour scopes sings u FU song and then kicks u in snow until u freeze overnight and die

Im excepting normalize is remove every negative effect.

Except it is for enemies so it will probably be remove all positive effects.

Yeah. I had a feeling pathways was the last event before scopes went full paid.

Normalize is self explanatory do you really need scopely to hold your hand for everything?

No its not because what if it’s different?

There r many effects that can’t b guessed just by their names and can b different like crosshairs , infection… and why don’t u tell it to everyone if u get it already

So does Scopelt = Soviot Union :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Also RIP Juice Wrld

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Those make perfect sense, do you really not understand them?

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my guess it has to with AP. Or normalize reprobate activity. Who knew Princess was a SJW

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I’m guessing it takes leadership skills away for a few turns. Let’s see.

Hmm crazy hair and a ex coffee shop worker are some big clues buddy

That’s true. Maybe she’s from Olympia,Washington prior to the outbreak.

So did u understand that normalise will cancel specialist skills ? Bcoz taht wat it does and we don’t get it just by giving it a glance , ok

Yes that makes total sense

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I have release this morning the character spotlight for Princess and I think that will help answer most of the questions you may have and more like what does Normalize do.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – 10 Dec 19

[S-Class] Character Spotlight: Princess - The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Character Breakdown Trait Name: Tough Class What is S-Class? S-Class is a Limited Edition version of the standard character that comes with amplified Base Stats, Rush, Active, and/or Weapon Effect. Role Name: Damage Description: Inflicts a large…



Hmm, I believe Princess was the “quirky” types in middle school.

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just like i was. yay. i’m still quirky.

I love that skit on Portlandia with Olympia and Seattle fighting over which was the “home of grunge”. Or…maybe it was Portland and Seattle idfk. But it was funny.