Noooooooo! The fix we didn't want


So sad :cry:

The dint fix the glich!

They claimed to have fixed this last time but I’m sure it’s not gone permanently. It’ll probably happen time to time again


No more giant’s


Rip I actually kinda liked this bug :cry:


It was the best bug ever! Zero impact but so entertaining.




It really was! Sad day.


And I never got the luck to see and Screenshot a Giant Allen :sob:


Yes that is so dissapointing. Dont worry about the territory bugs though scope they are just fine and only as old as the feature itself


Meanwhile, servers stop working and territories keep crashing the game … when servers dont stop working …
Definitely the best team ever :heart:


fix something that’s fun but not other things like terrys etc…


Pretty sure this is bigger than anniversarygate right? :joy::joy:


Giganticism trump’s all to be fixed in the game. Biggest issue to date :joy::joy::joy::joy:


This. So true. :sob:

And yet they can’t fix territories and stop that from crashing but they made that a part of league scoring anyway. Smh. :hot_face:


Go figure, but that’s $copely. If it ain’t broke, $copely will fix it.


They can’t fix a thing, it will still happen.


Not fixed, just had a jumbo Mirabelle on the gold radio map


Is it worse they wasted time to fix it, or they wasted time to fix & didn’t even manage to so will now waste more time trying to fix again


I just had a jumbo mirabelle too, yay!


Scopely just wanted to fill in the blanks of their patch notes so you can see that they were actually doing something.