Noob question. What is a windowless team? How do you deal with it?


(Edit: definition confirmed)

I assume it is a team with full premium weapon upgrades? Eg Stun/Impair/AbsDef/APDown. What I assume is meant is that there is no safe toon to charge your teams AP on. Is this an accurate description?

Also, if I’m right, what are people’s strategies for dealing with them?

For teams without shields, I’ve just been attacking and hoping for the best. I have Tripp on my team, so I can usually recover a few stunned/impaired toons. If there is a better way to deal with it, I’d like to hear some advice. :blush:

If there is a shield with AbsDef/APDown, I attack something else first turn. Second turn I confuse with Yumikos active skill, and attack with the whole team. Third turn, I attack other toons, even if they are windowless. Again, how are others dealing with this? Anyone got a different or interesting way to approach it?

I’m trying to get away from just rolling the dice and hoping for the best. I want my attacks to be more about strategy, less about luck.

I’m running a ranged team, but will be ascending Shiva next. That stun active skill will be very useful. :blush:


Pray and hope for the best.

Serious answer, it seriously depends on what toons you have in your roster and what weapons you have yourself. If I’m going after a team with a TY, and my strength is revive, you bet your ass I’ll be taking care of Ty first.


Zeke removes impair, Mira removes stun… I usually attack impair toon and remove impair by using Zeke Active skill.

With Shiva you can stun a stun toon and attack him freely.

I sometimes also confuse toons with the hope that they get stunned if they attack a stun toon


depending on your recover toons for example i go for stunners and when i get 2-3 stun i stop attacking and recover them with mirabelle next turn and if you get lucky you will get 2 stuns max and continue as nothing happened. You can do same with recover impair. Otherwise if there is -30AP i go for it or abs.


Great answers guys. :slight_smile: Oddly enough, I didn’t even think of recover active skills. Stun/confuse seemed obvious, but never recover stun.



But is that what a windowless team is?


@SteveSanguine also you can stun and make the weapons inactive for that period, you can use shiva’s active skill for it or if you have stun weapons and if some of the opposition toons stunned go for them.


yes pretty much it is teams with full trait weapons and don’t let you charge AR without a risk/trade off.


Awesome! :smile: Thanks DreamWalker.


Just to add in to what has already been said, there are options for creating offense-minded weapons. I have stun when attacking on a Lucille and AP down when attacking on an SMG. I always strike with the stun weapon first and if it triggers, game over. If not, I fall back to utilizing active skills.


A few ways.

  1. Stun, atk defense of any kind shuts down a weapon. 3 stun swords will typically turn a toon off round 1 and then you build AR to use in the others.

  2. If you know what you will be up again, actives can restore your toons from stun or impair. Highly recommend actives level 5 so you can use these round 2.

  3. Okay you don’t have the above. Need to use command and a whole lot of hope. Get your team buffed asap as you need to be ready to take a whole lot of hits to the face. If you have a shield, use it on offense to focus their team to a single toon. Use a guardian II toon to hopefully block incoming damage. Pop the off what you can when you can.

It all depends on who you are up against. I don’t mind abs Def or AP down as these don’t leave lasting effects on my toons. Stun / impair are much more dangerous.


Good points but as mentioned above greatly relies on which 6* you have. For example I find 2 Mira teams with stun to be relatively easy since Tyreese kills her round 1 or with any rush or any double attack proc (AK weapon)

Impair on defend is more dangerous early than late in the raid IMO, also Zeke recovers it, as does other toons like Tripp.

AD isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be because so many people have stuns, like you can Shiva Active Skill stun an AD michonne, then charge AR off her, then kill using rushes

Or with a Zeke guardian 2 proc, it doesn’t matter what you do , if it procs round 1 and 2, the raid is easy and you barely take damage.

On the other hand, if the opposing team has Tyreese and 40 Atk AK with double attack, he can kill your Mira round 1 if the AI decides to attack all on Mira


Guardian II is THE meta right now. It makes raiding 95% successful. Great for O and D. Before i quit, i was running 6* carl lead, 6* barker, 6* shiva, 6* zeke, and sr zeke. Was a really good, universal attk team. Used it against op carl and mira leads alike. Huge success rate.


Now to help with this you can run multiple reds so they will not target any single red toon all the time. The defense always targets based on trait advantage then by random selection. If you know u are gonna see lots of blue and go in with 1 red, expect them to be the focal point of those blues. If you have a defensive weapon, you can use this to your advantage, alas with some risk.


Great point, and given the lack of 6* reds… It’s a much bigger risk when running 5* on a mostly 6* team, but often worth it (Magna buff/debuff for speedier raids IMO worth the risk of her dying)


Agree. When it comes to war whoever can hit hardest the fastest has the advantage. When we battled Coosa with the teams that have since been banned, we could beat their teams but could not keep up with their damage output rate. That’s y if u know u can’t build a defense team that can keep standing after 8 hits you build a stall team to slow everyone as much as practical.


You assume right, Steve.


A must have against a stun atk team fully loaded. Try to make sure you cover yellows and decrease likelihood of getting tagged with a 2 turn stun.


The team i was using was EXTREMELY hard to kill. It could withstand huge damage because of carls lead combined with hp/def mods. My barker had over 3200 hp. They could withstand being stunned. But, if zeke procs immediately, it doesnt matter. No opponent ar = no contest.

Ps. never once used zeke’s recover as, and i was one of the fastest raiders in my faction. (Nevermind, Dougherty)


Yeah this was even more important back when everything was 1st round rush. (Glad that’s over) as making the absolute best and fastest 1st round team was priority.

Although I still hate losing a Magna on a raid (rare but happens) as I’m OCD about going 5-0 :smiley: