Nonstop game crashing

Since Sunday morning, my game has just completely closed itself over and over in all different parts of the game, even just scrolling through gc once. I have rebooted app, restarted phone, cleared cache and data. Still keeps doing it. Anyone else having this issue recently?

I had it last CRW , was locked out for 3 hrs it worked after reinstalling the game like 20 times

There’s a thread around somewhere that a few others are experiencing this issue from what I read they haven’t figured out what the issue was…however theres all started last Friday I believe

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Just started getting this now, the little zombie head in the bottom right corner is popping up, even sitting in town is laggy and games crashing constantly, everythi g done on my end, cleared cache, etc

Im not expecting any answer as it seems no one from scopely is here to actually help but @JB.Scopely do you have any word on this? Tell the team its not our devices also

My phone almost got thrown this last closing mid-match. But, my smiling son saved it. :grinning::grinning:

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