It’s come to my attention that some non Survival Club (SC) members have received by Scopely’s mistake a free birthday cake which unlocks a roadmap for additional rewards.

Scopely are also aware of this and have chosen to do nothing to address this, which is unfair to SC members and non members.

Not only is the 4 year birthday event pitiful with:

  1. No daily log in which would have been a perfect start to this event and as part of the promises made

  2. Poor prizes; the reward stash is irrelevant with a poor and outdated 1st gen 6 star being offered for your troubles

  3. The items (balloons) to receive this irrelevant rewards from various events has a few events where you can’t even do a pull afterwards even if you reach all milestone, e.g. Raids, even if you reach the 2.4k milestone, you still are not able to pull from the stash as it’s only give you in total 900 balloons where 1k is required.

  4. Accessibility to these balloons is not achievable for everyone. Not everyone has the resources to reach max milestone for raids especially due to limited accessibility to gain the require volume of cans. Additonal with such events like faction raids where customers are only given 24 hrs to achieve 2.4k milestone, natural energy won’t get many customers a chance to achieve.

  5. Only 840 balloons will be available via raids and who knows how many in other events, so there is already a shortfall as customers are required to complete all 3 museum collections to complete the birthday stash. A birthday should be about celebration, not conning your customers to waste their resources for a stash they can’t even complete cos they either can’t complete the milestone cos of resources and/or there isn’t enough events to obtain items.

  6. Quality of 6* toon Sergio. It’s poor and irrelevant and not fit for purpose.

Unlike faction milestones where you get the maximum amount of balloons by ensuring you get 1.4 million with in a min of 2 days, Raids does not afford customers the same opportunity.

How can customers trust Scopely when even now, even after their acknowledgement that there are issues they have to address, they still treat the customers this way and are not honest and transparent?

This is not right and I hope that these points will be addressed.

I would have applied to join the players counsel, but this shows me nothing has changed and the NDA that customers are requested to sign is ridiculous and should be non exclusive when it comes to really sensitive information, but not to all. I feel due to years of warranted mistrust of Scopely that the counsel is just a ploy, where some members will start exhibit Stockholm Syndrome and where nothing really changes.

Just cos you move your mouth, it doesn’t always mean something comes out.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely would be interested on hearing the companies views on my points.




It wasn’t just the one free cake for p12. The prestige crate was replaced with the cake crate. So we got one free in place of our daily prestige crate, but you could also buy 3 more in the shop, as the crate there was also replaced. I considered buying one or two because i knew it was a screw up, but to me it wasnt worth it. My guess though is theres likely quite a few who did buy the extras.

Then again, maybe not. It’s hard to see it as worth 550 coins in the first place, so maybe not many did take advantage lol

Still imo, rather than pretending nothing happened, scopely should have proactively apologized and sent everyone a cake. They are kinda worthless though, which I’m guessing is why theres not much of an uproar about it. Still, they missed a golden opportunity to do the right thing, and not really have to give out very much to do so. Instead they took the shady business route, as usual.


I did receive a cake. Never a sc member didnt even sign up for free trial. I refuse to use it to stand in protest of how crappy it is for Scopely at this point to just not comp all on this. Whether it gives a burt and a boot, its not about the rewards, its about principles. Any other game would have said oops & not only given them a cake, but a few more items that are of value to advance in the game…just to say hey we goofed here is an apology.


In regards to the balloon rewards. It’s almost as forethought out as having balloons for a war milestones on a reduced time war where milestones had not been adjusted accordingly.

I found it really bittersweet thinking the Cake was an actual reward to those 12th prestige and higher and thought they maybe started to reward prestige then find out it was a mistake and we should consider ourselves lucky to have gotten it :joy:

Not to mention people in Toc that get currently 75% boost in milestones, the ballons conveniently are apart of out milestones at the moment and i dont see any boosts?
New low for scopley

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Would have liked a response by now as one should be granted to Scopelys customers. What’s going on @GR.Scopely and @JB.Scopely or is this something to be swept under the carpet?

I did comment on the other thread Where's the cake at? that we were looking at the cake issue.


Thanks for responding @GR.Scopely Do you have an ETA on when customers will be informed? + what about the additional points regarding the bday event?

Easyer to send out a cake to all players

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I’m good with that, cake for everybody :hugs:

I mean Sergio is going to help anyone below level 50 or S1 team🤗

Can you give us your own personal opinion on Romanov and Serg Gr😂

There should be a new survivor club bag up by 10 am PDT for the cake.


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Thanks @GR.Scopely So what will be happening regarding the free cakes some customers received where others didn’t due to Scopely Error?

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Folks cry for every thing I tell you. Go have a beer with some real life friends

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For SC members… he wasn’t talking about the free cakes for everyone part, but about the fact that the SC bag with the cake wasn’t up today. :wink:

The free cake was unintentional. They’re not clawing them back, but they’re also not gifting them to everyone.

Asking from confirmation from an official employee of Scopely, + had additional points in orginal post. They stated in their promises greater communication so communicating information or just these points will be looked into shorty and responded to would be a great step forward