Non-OP meta 6* you still want?

Curious what 6star toon everyone else needs or wants for their teams. Excluding of course Red Negan, Raven, Doc, S-class Pete and the bunch

These have been released in wheels and events but was never able to grab them. Definitely would jump on a chance to grab either one of them.

Me personally, still need a reliable yellow decap and would love to actually pull yellow Wayland.

Also, my yellow teams could definitely use this guy hope I see him sooner rather than later.Walking%20Dead_2019-07-23-00-22-05

I want OG Shiva. Never ever have I had that tiger. I’m not counting the christmas tree disgused as a Shiva one


harlan, because I depoted that piece of trash more times than I can remember and now I cant get roxie :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Wayland and/or blue Morgan would make a huge difference to my offense.

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Somehow ryker has eluded me and yes he stinks but I think he looks cool.

Harper, Nik or Shaun would be great to have.

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My roster is probably peak semi F2P, but I’d say…


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Would definitely want Michelle since I didn’t manage to get her. Would also like to get any melee decap.

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I would have said Amber but I feel like she is more op than some of what was listed. She is a killer


Ryker due to his badass look

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Amber is so good, she can potentially attack 3-4 times in one turn!

Depoting legendaries is stupid.


I’d love a fast shield, that would nice or Any really lol :man_shrugging:

What I really need though are some good Attack lead skill and Melee lead skill toons really no preference on who.

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Disarm Michonne and/or Harper.

I’ve never deported a legendary, but I have used some as liliths

I depoted him after getting him from the war wheel after putting up 1 mil points and was annoyed because be is shit

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Red Clem and Blue Kenny

Dumb as hell though.

thanks for your opinion.

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Harper would be perfect for my attack, she’d replace red Louis that I’m using now.,

I’d also really like Pamela for the lead skill.