Non event week means non league points - CHANGE IS NEEDED

Normally we get a level up Monday, Raid Tuesday, Level up wed/thur and SR wed/thur then war or faction events over the weekend

Level Up
Usually level ups give 55,830 league points


9,750 points

no points anymore

so on some weeks we have had 3 level ups 2 raids and 1 SR event which adds up to 206,640 league points

This week is set to have 2 level ups 1 raid and onslaught (onslaught pays hardly anything, unless you score high)

So this week we are treated to 126,360 league points

All this happening whilst S-Class and the crazy amount of gear needed to push these upgrades further

all i can say is well played Scopely … well played

Realistically something should be offered in ways of getting more league points, we shouldnt have it any lower than 150k for each week … even on the big payout weeks and league ending result rewards on monday evening still wont help the drought many will face from this lackluster week of event drought


Also means it’s harder to stay in leagues if you don’t play well in arenas

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This week isn’t a week where u need to score points to stay in a league as it’s the home stretch, but onslaught is next were points can be scored and I think SR this wkend if that helps

this week is no relegations

Yeap, but for other weeks it would be really annoying

Since when does level up give league points?

He means the points to buy stuff, not the trophies

yeah in the store. called league tokens but its all currency right lol

score league tokens to buy gear in the league store … so yeah regardless of the end league outcome, we do need these milestone events to gain a decent amount to buy the stupidly expensive gears in there to move forward in the game

Yep so there is still onslaught in 3 hrs and SR. They could of fitted in a raid event but thatsssss Scopely

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