Non competitive events until end of the week?

After an almost 4 day level up we have another level up … then on Thursday we have a faction Road event followed by a faction level up weekend …

This is stupid whilst you have mission timed events … nobody wants level ups all the time, they should be almost like a background event becuase there is no skill or logic to it … this is shown when you throw a level up with other events the same time, it doesnt get affected by other events.

so why not throw a raid or a horde event in between monday-Thursday as its dead time…heck even a blitz war wouldnt hurt anyone. its just wasting more time and it will get to the point where as previously seen due to ineptness of skull token issues, war is cancelled leaving many players with war tokens that doesnt get used and ratio’d 1:1 for depot points

As loyal (but very unhappy) paying customers (and free to play highly active grinding players) we demand Scopely issue out more developers to run this game somewhat better than it has been because right now, its below parr on everyones mind


At the Scopley office’s summer is a time to coast.


Everyday is summer at the Scopely office


Just don’t get the inane mentality. People will plough money into new events, not just mundane level ups.



Speak for yourself! Everyone wants constant level ups except you :face_vomiting:

This! Lolololol :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I just want to know why there’s no hordes at all on the calendar… it’s needed for the pathways event, yet not a single one for more than half of it?

And Imo level ups should run all the time, but never alone. I’d prefer if they were shorter too. 3-4 days is way too long. But right now I’ll just be happy to have something else running in addition to it.

This week would have been the perfect time to throw hordes into the mix


They have they’ve given us level ups

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Well they have made those new tokens with a 0.01% chance of getting those hats for harper

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Constant levels ups are good, as long as they’re accompanied by another event. When it’s just the level up its kinda boring.


As a player that spends money in this game, and constantly seeing a decrease in activity, and mass retirements. I am really becoming concerned that it will only be paying players at some point. Which is not why I started playing this game 3 years ago. I started because I could spend a little, or a lot, or even nothing, and grind my ass off, and keep up. Free players are quitting because Scopely refuses to release new 5* legacy characters. Personally I think there should be more paying players currently upset with this issue because as paying players most of us have the new 5* legacy characters the moment they are released just waiting in the roster. So not only are they destroying our opponent pool by not allowing free players to gain characters at a better rate, but are denying us paying players our totally FREE characters at the same time. Plus these tactics they use to force spending costs them more in the long run. Where is the sense Scopely?


This is exactly my point

No, you speak for yourself, you take a snippet of a sentence and use it to bring a rebuttal that Nobody agrees with …

The point again Slacker is that we dont want a week of level ups, they should be a background event due to it not being a competitive event … SR, Hordes or war brings activity, helps missions and milestones and more importantly helps gain resources for these level ups

and yes, as a player base who pays into their game, it is understandably us who keeps the game playing, i dont need to go into the 1st rule of business relations do i? keep the customer happy or you wont have a customer at all


They are “kinda boring”? That’s different than what OP suggested. I hate not having a level up, you constantly level characters… who’s wants to keep toons in a scav mission for days on end and then complain about accidentally collecting it?

This is exactly what you are doing… why are you allowed to do it and no one else? Or are you in charge here and forgot to inform everyone?

Again this is what you are doing so why be such a hypocrite?

YES WE DO!!! Stop generalizing “we” and “everyone” when you just mean you, yourself and only you.
SMMFH typical Clemo yelling at a wall and no one listens.
Keep making “demands” while I laugh.

I agree with this 100%. I just think that LU should be run alongside more engaging events. A level up on its own doesn’t give you much to do.

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he’s not getting what i am saying, we dont want just level ups, theres nothing to do in the game

events should run alongside them

i say this as someone who has just done 40+ million in under 24 hours in level ups, it is boring especially when their are missions abound

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its a very nice walll

People on the forums are asking for horde events … im sure youve probably commented on them, thus meaning its not just me … I didnt say Take the level ups away, i said level ups on its own most of the week is boring, it should be a background event … thus a competitive event running alongside it


It’s Wednesday Scopely … Im Bored!"!!! theres nothing to do in your game at the moment!!! open an event