Non Competative matches in WAR

I am the Leader of Clear and since we started Region war Friday we have been matched with teams that are way above our ranking and it has not been competitive at all. All of our match ups have been one sided. What the heck is going on with that and why can Scopley fix this issue!! My members are getting so that it is not even worth fighting the War. This issue has gotten progressively worst!!


Maybe because other factions around your strength have gotten mad at the way wars have been lately so they are all giving up. If there is no one for you to fight you will get moved up the ladder until they find someone


No body enjoys getting their ass kicked over and over relentlessly. So they either stop or look for a stronger faction if they are good enough to advance.

The leaderboards are very clear. Top faction has next to no losses and lower factions just do a single war then don’t bother. There is no balance and no incentive to be beat.

If a loss yielded more points even personal points I am sure you would see more activity.

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A loss yielding points makes sense but by doing that you know scopely would just bump up the milestones

It’s just a big list… kind of like a beer pong list if you will haha. The next two up get matched. Unfortunately, the strong factions are the ones you jump back on he list over and over again.

I don’t believe that for one second lol. It doesn’t matter the rep. It’s just who the next two are up. Otherwise no way 100 rank would face 1

We’ve had the same problem. I think we’ve beat 1 or 2 teams since it started. We’re a good team but outclassed by a lot today. Does put you off bothering

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Don’t you think if that parameter were in place, then these lopsided matchups wouldn’t occur? That’s just something scopely said to appease us. Anyone can see there is no such thing.


Coincidence. Guy in my fac thinks the rep of the person pressing search affects who you get. It’s just coincidence his high rep (similar to mine) equalled high facs. I warred more than him and saw smaller facs too. Just another old wives tale

I agree with you. I’ve noticed in our region that lower factions don’t even bother with AOW or CRW. My faction is in this category. So far we have only done one war and we got our asses handed to us cause we can’t get matched with a faction that is ranked close to us.

I think you forgot about this lady here…



Match making is dumb. The faction im in moved to face another top faction and out of 100 matches, we have faced them once. Top factions also dont like to just smash 150+ rank factions to stay in first.

They have to make the whales feel good somehow . All that money spent they can’t have them working hard to win a match

This ‘whale war’ thing may help match-ups.
Should be done based on leagues.
Not just your individual sub-section, but all of the same level and tier matxhes together.
All diamond 1 together etc.

We are in 2nd and have very rarley played the #1 faction. Which sucks to a degree because we need to match up and win and close the gap. Most other fights are getting average scores for a beating a faction with no coining or repairing.
However last crw i was in another region and we were mid tier 11-15th most the weekend and we did play alot of lower facs.
The other issue is if your region is extremely more active than the others it can become harder to match and get ideal opponents. Your region may have 20 facs in que and the orhers combined may only 10.

That is what the spenders what. They want easy matches to stroke their egos. They are even running form stronger factions, reported in another thread.

Starts around post 1155.

Mischaracterized but it’s OK if you can’t read or understand. That’s a failure of the education system.

Just read what was written. No failure of the education system. Just too bad you ran from competition.

Top teams shouldn’t get lots of points for bullying lower teams.