Non Char Winter Event -only Promo?

@kalishane Vk got pictures of the new event. So we didn’t get any Winter Char? Are they all really promo? Sad :frowning:


Looks like… Richard is the next promo

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I thought he would be for free…he is just ok

The Richard isn’t even premier worthy…don’t understand.


Let’s pray for old ascendables or… :grimacing:


Another failure of an event. So much planning. So much input from the players. So much opportunity for goodwill in this, the most festive of seasons. But no.

$copely-ed, yet again. I guess there’s always the New Year.


Their greed knows no end, so people shouldn’t be surprised by another failed wheel/event.



Well, at least it isn’t 4 and 5* gear that we don’t want. That’s a big step to change. They were listening, but knowing Scopley, you’re gonna have to sacrifice responsibilities of life to grind for 12 toy robots. Map only stays open for 24hrs probably every certain day for a certain amount of weeks, just like plastic pieces. Ugh…

At least nothing.

Last year was one epic guarantee

This year we have 2 chances to get 6* gear that they promised on roadmap.

Jesus. I’m out.

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Hey guys, I will cede that the event leaves a bit to be desired, but as far as I can see, the 12 Days of Carnage come with a toy robot + daily “reward”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the last day of that will give us an ascendable 5*.

Edit: I may be a tad optimistic, but here’s hoping they’ll listen to us and give out a toon. Let’s not freak out yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Calm down user. This is only part one of the event, and Scopley always has other goods during last few weeks. One of those toons should be a museum collection. I’m guessing it’ll be Shiva because Scopley knows how much a certain user on here wanted her soo much, and would suck if we had to pay for her. You can’t just judge an event based on the wheel. That’s like saying the person you got assigned to work with at your job will screw everything up because they don’t look smart enough, but when you actually start working together your opinion changes about them. “Never judge a book by their cover.”

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Okay… see ya later bud. Have an awesome and positive day. :blush:

That’s what I’m saying. A certain user on here wanted Christmas Shiva, so I think she’ll be the collection toon at the end. :slight_smile:

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I just hope there will maybe character in the wheel as a surprise. That would be great…


I’m keeping my fingers crossed, for sure!

Only reason I don’t like that idea is because again…everybody will end up with the same toons… Also it seems most people will go after Wyatt, so again, everybody is having the same damn toons. this game is nonsense. Wheel should have had 1or 2 toons at least

I was already quitting this month, but this event helps.

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So the Christmas event over the next 12 days offers exactly the same rewards as the 20 day gold nugget event that’s already running, minus the ascendable toon.


we all want gear, we just don’t know we want gear.

What a complete disappointment…


Expect nothing that way you won’t be disappointed but it we happen to get a toon you will be overly surprised unfortunately with previous events and the looks of it the nugget event is gonna be our chance at a toon. I am no longer expecting anything so my expectations won’t be crushed.