NOD gets new leader

Well after 10 days of waiting and missing the last war our old absent leader was demoted to Coleader and a new leader was chosen. We now have a new leader that has been absent for 5 days. What sucks is we have almost 1 mil faction assault points that can’t be used cause we have no leader. Not sure who came up with the way of choosing the new leader but activity should have been a factor. We have 20 active and 10 inactive for over 5 days. There has to be a better system.

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If he remains absent after 14 days it should transfer again. Not sure how they pick. But had to been someone on more recent then your old lead. Pray that the new guy isn’t in another region signing on because if he is you’ll never get lead. As long as he’s active somewhere.

Find a new faction.


You beat me.

I offer the same advice.


No Co leads?

You beat me. Lol

Find a new fac… hmmm… has anyone suggested this already :thinking:

Considering he said there’s a ton of fac assault tickets waiting for use ( if that’s true) I’d wait around a bit longer and see if it transfers or the new lead will make you a colead so u can run the assaults

It took 10 days to find a new leader and it sounds like it might take another 10 days to get another leader. In those 20 days, you could have gone to a new active faction, collect 260k FA tickets, did a FA, and be on your way to a second FA. Instead now OP has wasted 15 days and who knows who the next leader will be?

Just cut your losses and don’t give in to sunk-cost fallacy.

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I agree with @Katolo , you gotta know when to just pick up your loses and move on. The time spend waiting and looking is not worth it, might as well just start a new faction.

If your new leader is active in a different region the leadership will not be transferred. Check their prestige - if it’s really high then the chances are they’re active alsewherw

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