Nobody really cares about Thanksgiving anymore. Smh


It’s true; nobody cares about Thanksgiving or family gathering anymore. Every year thousands of people abandon their family gatherings on Thanksgiving just to wait hour for Black Friday sales. They could care less about Thanksgiving and family as long as they’re getting their black friday deals. This is sickening and horrific to know. Only time people care about family gatherings is Christmas because they know they’re going to get even more gifts, but this time for free.

Point is: people would be willing to abandon family and friends for worldly items that won’t even last long. I’m not going to say all people do this, but the majority does do this, and it’s insane.


So a ThanksGiving event would be great! I can ignore my family and play this game instead! But waitaminute, isn’t a 3 day level up in the pipeline…smh.


I mean… if it takes a made up holiday to make you cherish and be thankful of your family, I think that there’s a bigger problem with people placing overrated importance in just a day. Why should I be thankful for my family on 1 specific day in November when I can do it every single day??

I didn’t realize I can’t give other people gifts when it isn’t Christmas, or have costume parties without it being Halloween.


Some people spend that black Friday in lines at stores thinking about the savings and getting stuff for family on Christmas. You have to make sacrifices sometimes. I agree with Verdeiwsp though, all these holidays are made up anyway to support the corporate machine.