Nobody answering support tickets


I posted a ticket nearly 2 days ago but no response. Please please please can you respond to my ticket. Is there a bug?.. anyone else having this issue?. Im in Crenshaw region.


Anyone there?


Not like you’d get a good response anyway, you’d get a better answer from messaging or tagging @JB.Scopely




JB ignores 99% of the time, he ignored 3 of my help requests when support either does nothin or sends me dumb stuff that doesnt even have anything to do with my problem


Well that 1% is better than anything support can offer.


This sucks


Tel me about IT iam stil stuck on content2 without help




strong text come on scopely. Please … a bit of customer service.


Support should definitely provide you an answer on your case.

While we typically have a 24 hours response policy in place, with recent events involving transfers issues and the war strongholds, we’ve had more contacts than we normally get, which can cause small additional delays.

Thank you once more for bearing with us while we get through all player contacts.


Thanks for the respins @JB.Scopely I wait with bated breath


@JB.Scopely I have a broken support … I have tried contacting scopley for months about it and no matter what they say try it doesn’t work . I know can’t even contact them through in game support due to this message that they can’t see or delete … it was a support ticket generated in Jan 2018 … only my responses show up so support can’t see it … and I can’t delete it from my end I have screen shots of it and my profile info if you will pm me I’ll send you what I have


If you have any issue with the in-game form, you can alternatively use the web portal to reach support.

Transferring Regions

I have the same issue… they are responding but it takes up to 2 or 3 days


If you cant fix my account buy me out rater then stealing my account


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