No xp scavs since last update

This is a bunch of crap Scopely. I updated the app around 4-5 days ago and no 100xp scav missions in sight. I finished all gold missions so it cannot be that. I have coined everything that pops up and still nothing. There should be a way to reset our missions. Waiting for you to fix stuff is just ridiculous. Get on the ball and fix these kind of issues. Its just lost revenue for you. I was trying to get first in last level up in which I would have spent whatever it took but since no scavs I didnt even bother because I would have used every recruit and piece of food I had.

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Same issue here since the update no YGL scav missions anymore

Same issue. No xp missions.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same thing.

It is working as intended. Please don’t change anything.

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It’s working fine for me, too. However, there are a lot of people that are not seeing it whatsoever.

@kalishane please look into this. I am definitely not the only one. The 100k xp scav is gone for multiple people since the update.

Also working fine for me. I may go a few days without it, but I just finished a mission and coined it again from cooldown. However, I may not see it again this level up tourney.

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Go to your highest level scavenger camp, screenshot all the missions in your queue, including those in cooldown. Post here or send them to me in PM.

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This has been happening on and off since the 9.1 update and when u message support their answer is completing all the gold missions will only increase the likelihood of them appearing not gauratee, another time where they have took what we said and manipulated it to suit themselves, simple as.

This is all my scavs. My gold missions are completed. I coined everything last 4-5 days and this is what is left. Id coin the 71 coin mission but it is just throwing money away at this point. Something is wrong. Before the update I got them back to back. Now nothing since upgrade. Please help! Edit: weird the first 3 images are out of order. Rest seem to in order.


Support is wrong. I got them every day for last month. Now nothing. I could have easily won last level up or placed second. This level up I was just hoping to be top 10 but there is no way without a few scavs.

@LadyGeek can you take a look at my screens. Anything you know that I can try. I dont want to just keep coining because ive spent over 400 coins and nothing.

I know support is wrong, that’s my point, I have it nearly everyday and when the level up starts it disappears, that’s my point and what my faction keep facing which is finish all gold and silver they still don’t have it.

Or it is broken again or they changed it which would be ridiculous because last time when they fixed it they were proud to announce it so changing it now back to worse without communicating would be a disgrace.

Normally ‘You got lucky’ takes 12hours to finish and after that it takes another 12hours in cooldown, unless u coin off course. But there was a pattern of 12hours.
When i saw yesterday my mission is in cooldown for 1,5 days i knew enough. Or it is broken or scopely changed it.

Anyway, i want answers, already asked support for help but once again they are complete useless.
If they changed it back im out, and if its broken and its gonna take another year to fix that im also out.
Already had enough level ups where i missed a lot of rewards because of the issue with ‘you got lucky’, not in the mood for this again at all.

Seriously. Why waste all of our food when they have these scav missions. If it wasnt for the food I would just do it all by hand. Its just crap that some people get them and some dont. It should be available for all people. This last update screwed it up for me and obviously quite a few others.

That queue is UGLY. You’ve done enough gold missions to unlock prestige, and you’re suffering for having unlocked so many missions that have cooldown times of days instead of hours. All I can suggest is to set your alarm so that as soon as a mission comes off of cooldown you can do it. Such a terrible system.

I always used to have the YGL available, either open or coin refresh it. But since they changed it 6 weeks ago, I never have it. Dont even have the gold missions to do, never have anything but useless prestige missions. But most of the time I dont have any missions available. Can’t even level toons efficiently anymore.

Try aborting all missions available, then turn it back into wood farm, then back to scav…I have three scavenger huts and with resetting and aborting all missions and scav buildings I get you got lucky missions 4 times a week…

What’s your highest scavenger camp level?