No XP for Lilly

Received yesterday Lilly, upgraded her adrenaline and active during level up event, she still level 1.
Where’s xp? Where’s points for lvlup?
Support sucks=(

Adrenaline and active level up dont give any xp anymore.


Oo daaaamn

Roll back that stupid 25.0 update


Going to piggyback off of this. Do Veteran Rings still give level up points? The Level up points don’t seem to show on the new UI. Just want to make sure. Thanks.

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I just tried it with 1 ring and it worked

The number of level up points you will get is shown in really tiny font in the top right corner.

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Yup I noticed that but it still didn’t show anything for Vet Rings. So wasn’t sure if it was still the same situation as before the update or if a new situation where they decided to take the xp away similar to using a Lilith.

Ah, I hadn’t noticed that. Sorry if I was stating the obvious. Never know with this forum! :grimacing:

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