No Wyatt for me!

I have 9250 obviously! I worked really really hard and now I’m ending up with the events at 11350… 650 nuggets away from my favourite 6* in the game right now!

Im feeling pretty bad now.

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I hate to say it but they’re very well might be nuggets for sale

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Sorry to hear it, unfortunate but someone will always miss out.

Consider joining or pushing your faction to be more active/competitive. Those placements matter and your definitely not help if others are not putting in the same effort you are.


Feel for you Nick :frowning:

I’m hoping for it I buy some!!

If I go under the 100 I have him but I’m 108… Pray for me.

Lucky for u

Target getting to 190. If you can get there and hold it, you’ll be safe from the last minute snipe.

Too bad :frowning:. Even us who got him won’t be able to properly use him due to the lack of AR trainers. :confused:

I’m at 108 right now and need some stuff for my toons…

Nah I want him so bad and don’t want at trainers for now just to have him and build up good teams at is later!

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But hijacking and photoshopping an avatar image is for winners? You really need to get a life, unless it’s your goal to always be a pathetic troll. If so, then we’ll done! Celebrate life!


Be nicer please!

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Who can say where the Wyatt goes! :cry:

Umm, no. You pop up constantly on posts raining negativity and belittling others. You have no life. I get it. You have my sympathies and I pray that someday your testicles will fall and you can become a grown up. Until, keep living under your bridge and challenging the Billy Goats Gruff.


Dude get off this post when u don’t like positive and cool forum members that feel the same as me right now! Thanks and good bye :wave:

He may not be in a top faction like you are but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t try.This event was a total failure and it’s not entirely his fault.

Valid and well thought out retort. It’s sad your three word vocabulary betrays you in this moment. Here’s a thought, Google the word “dictionary”. Read a few sections, and try again when you feel smarter.

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Dude get out of the forum please!

How is it possible to not have enough nuggets for him? Lol but really top 500 in every event( 1 point/1 raid in almost every region) would have landed anyone wyatt