No world energy refills

So what is the best way to get all the kites?
I am currently at 46 collected from events, so with 8 days and 14hrs left what is the best use of energy?
Would it be better to do the a, b, c twice a day or so the 8hr once and 1 of the others? Or just the 8hr twice?
I’ve been trying to figure this out but I think I might not be able to get the remaining 26 pulls in the time remaining without refills.
Thanks in advance for any advice that does not include buy refills.

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I’ve avoided b just cause rewards stink imo but obviously if you going for cheap energy than the base map is way to go. Then just do whatever roadmap is up when you are full. Try to focus on taking the energy fill territories to help.

Yeah I forgot to mention I do try and take the territories as much as possible. It’s gotten a lot harder to get often now because so many factions and people have transferred in.

Unless your sleeping pattern happens to exactly coincide with the start and end of 1 of the 8hr roadmaps, or unless you sleep more than 8hrs a time, you can do it 3 times a day. And it costs very little energy in comparison to the A/B/C one.That should make 25 or 26 of the 26 you need. You should also be able to complete some A/B/C ones if you want to, as you’ll make that energy back over the course of the 8hrs, just in case (I advise the A’s if you have a choice).

What’s your energy tank size?

Lvl 150 so 92.

The way it has been going for me it only refreshes twice while on. I’m not on a bunch so I miss 2 or only have enough energy when 2 are new.
Still doing the other daily roadmaps for gold.

Run your scavs I always end up w a can or 2/day doing the ones that takes a few hours to do, not sure which ones but I regularly run the ones less than 8 hours, every thing else I start and abort unless cans or xp or the occasional AP mission

I normally spin once or twice supply depot, 200 coins will grant you 5 cans, it’s not a big deal usually have leagues coins, adds coins or tapjoy coins

I haven’t got a single world can from scavenger missions in days. Rarely see those missions to begin with. Get tons of the ones with raid cans though. The only one I don’t actually need more of. Lol

I’m on the path to only having to do the unlocked ones, if you have the energy I’d suggest on only doing A

Do you even tried to farm gold? What you do with the weekly gold from leagues? Watching ads? Being 3rd on war??

u dont need to do anything no roadmap

we have 8 more days
8 days, I’m sure scopely will stuff something up and give us like 300 balloons as compensation

Currently saving up to by the world energy bag

Thank you for all the replies I’m going to try and be in for the x3 8hr maps. That should get me close and I’m going to hope my supply depot refreshes with refile.
This event is probably one of the best in a very long time.