No World Energy for war placings, just raid cans?

Tell me if it was just my region.
Absolutely “No” World Energy cans drops for war placing.
War energy can for 1st, Raid energy can for 2nd & 3rd place.
Is this another going forward “Normal” result to expect? Because I for 1 do not like it, seriously war my fingers off all weekend & no world energy is a bad joke.
Can I please have some insight to this issue.
Thank you.


Ask for insight from those that consider letter farming good event, after they went with “best event evah” cans started disappearing.


All the world cans were broken during the broken pieces roadmaps, maybe we didn’t collect enough to make them all again…

Rip world cans.


Don’t worry buddy scopely will make it right like they always do

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hahaha I see what you did there!

Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

You would think after they took all those left over pieces back, "with no compensation"
And all the glue they have for the Armory…
They could have reassembled them :joy:
It’s not rocket science after all, where’s the “Put the Pieces Back Together” event? :broken_heart:
Maybe their afraid we’ll blow the place up?
KABLOEY :hotsprings::hotsprings:

They copied and pasted the last region war setup. Expect this to persist in the next region war cause just like this event, all they can do is copy and paste the same thing over and over.