No win duels fix ideas


Hey everyone. . Something needs to be
addressed with the no win duels…with double shield double erica plus healer teams one can simply not win in the amount of time provided. Waste a can for a loss to a team that cannot be defeated. Perhaps a new system can be put into place for wins over these teams with maximum damage or kills per duel. I don’t see how this can be considered in the nature of the game or a clever use of in game mechanics. Even a returned can would be helpful for a stalemate.


I don’t get your point.

Every gets x minute to defeat a team. If you do not defeat this team within that time it is a loss.

Been the same for all time.


aka you lost


Attacking teams already have a huge advantage over defense. Time out wins are one of the few advantages defense teams have.

Human shield+revive teams can be very hard to beat but they are definitely not unbeatable


I just don’t think scopely thought this out thoroughly…with absolute defense weapons. With multiple shield revive heal toons on one team with everyone still alive at the end…should be considered a draw…no rep should change hands and the can should be refunded.


and a 6☆ should be given to you for compensation.


Don’t be silly death…I’d rather just have the can back… having another 6 would leave me right where I was…I feel a proper duel should end with my face in the dirt or my opponents.


Or u could just get good?


But that’s not how this game works or ever has in 3+ years now. They should change because that’s what you think they should do?


Extend the timer by like 1 minute, that way in the usual time if you have 1 character or so left to kill you have time to kill them.


Getting good has nothing to do with it…when both teams have all characters alive when time runs out it should be considered a draw.


I does, though. Build a better team / change attack strategies.



Sadly the only decap scopely has allowed me to get is tye. he just doesn’t live long enough to ar anymore.


And he doesn’t hit nearly as hard as he used to


They should add another minute to compensate for all the lost time due to adding bleed and burn damage and the other animations. A five minute fight has at least a minute of extra animations that the 5 star era just didn’t have


Or implement a diminishing returns system that takes away hp as time goes on. I feel a duel should end in one side dead with there face in the dirt. Not both sides still very much alive as time runs out.


It’s on you, the attacker, to win. If you can’t, then you lose. It’s very simple.


I’m sure we have all been frustrated by this at one point or another… however, you have plenty of time to defeat the opponent, so if you can’t it should be considered a loss. If scopely were to give you your attack back for a stalemate, people would simply stop attacking any time they are about to lose.


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