No we will not let up

I know others have said this, but the only way scopely will respond is if they see this enough times. Two changes are drastically needed.

  1. More resources for toons. Gear for toons should be more accessible (weekly roadmap) S class toons are exorbitant to level up. 6 stars are easier to snag so should be the gear to level them up. Which beings us to…
  2. More level up points for S class toons. They consume more resources and thus should be worth more points. One can put an S class toon In the YGL scavenger camp for 100k exp and they come back 5 levels higher. :confused:
    Please make this happen Scopely we will not let up on this until we see this update.

I put kapoor and christa in there and I only got 22k for a level up thing.


Such an obvious update and presumably very easy to implement. It’s ridiculous we even have to hassle them about it.


Not only that but we need trainers…not just one or two here and there but if we’re maxing out these s classes we need f tons of bennys to even put a dent


Nothing will get done bc as the old sham pay saying goes, “If it’s Broke, we Don’t fix it” Keep Surviving :man_shrugging:

They don’t care, as long as these suckers continue to throw cash at them like the Tues afternoon B Squad strippers they are, nothing will ever change.


Ps and don’t make it P2P scopes

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The struggle is real.

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Deadass we need a 500k level up for s class. That can be alot for just 2.

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@GR.Scopely can we make this happen :pray:t6::pray:t6::raised_hands:t6:

@restlessngfb - Thanks for putting this together and expressing your feedback on this forum. Those points have been raised by the community but nevertheless I’ll push them to the team for review :slight_smile:


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