No way to convert 1*

Where or how do we convert 1* ? There’s no option on the conversion grounds . Not even a 1* tab.

You cant, you’ll no longer get 1* drops either

But you can still get them from the training grounds


1* still have a use. Some objectives for level ups can be completed with 1* , thus not requiring much food. Also with the low xp given I use a 1* to finish leveling a toon so as to not waste the xp from others since it doesn’t carry over


You cant level up with 1* anymore

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Yes. However they are still available in the game with no use or way to convert them. The 3 training grounds, basic, advance, and boot camp need to be recommitioned.

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Nope. 1* toons are used to set up a reflect territory defense squad

Who finds another use for 1*, wins a “useless snoop” badge

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Ya got me!
However, of course you can use em for any team builds. Other not obvious teams would be scavenger missions, towers, and any kind of place holder teams

Hmm. Note to self: send scopely a suggestion regarding a future 1* only event.

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We need more “Fluffy”! :wink:

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My regular territory teams are all 1*, with no reflects. Their stamina regenerates more quickly, so you don’t need to create new teams as often.



I use “Fluffy”" as my game avatar. But he does need some “Friends”. :laughing::grinning::grin::joy::smiley::sweat_smile::grinning:

I got 30 teams of various (non-overlapping) 5* that I got defined as best fit for the scavenger missions. Cycle through those in territory defense :wink:

Why so many? I’ve got 4 teams each of 4 only 5*… never failed any scav missions.

Terr teams just cobble owt together as lets be honest onky really at most gonna use 5 per 10 hours

I have the teams go the extra mile - need 2 reds and one citizen, the team I use is 4 reds and 3 citizens…
Didn’t know what increases the challenge chance, so used those. Stuck with those ever since

Ah fair enough. Was intrigued as to why so many team variations.

how often do you guys use the training ground now?

I maxed out on BOs already, can’t convert more… this probably also means that they won’t drop from world map… This SUCKS!

they do, they go to your mail to be collected when you have space