No war wheel and barely any collectibles šŸ˜¢

For those of us that are used to playing war for 20+ hours over the weekend this is devastatingā€¦ Top 10 is very difficult and to only receive 300 keys is a nonsense, 2000 keys for 1st in solo level and 1000 for solo sr/raid for goodness sakeā€¦ is war just a second rate event now? How can I rally my team to grind all weekend when we got way more keys for just applying and refreshing tt over a 2 day spanā€¦ there is still time to fix this, maybe the choice box should be 150 or 250. if it was reward slot 2 alongside a war wheel pull with good premiers but this is extremely underwhelming. 3 hours to fix this please :pray:t4:


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