No war in upson region

Anyone else experiencimg this issue? Ive been to 18 other regions and between faction and other is gc we have checked over 30 an everyone else has war. Im so sick of this…last crw we had a bug and were not able to war over 5 hours into war and scopley looked the other way and said good luck trying catch up. Now everyome is a day into war and not only do we not have war in upson region but im 6 or 7 hours now, not 1 persom has got a response from support as to why

Send support a ticket. They will prob give you guys AOW. More prizes.

support didn’t care at all. they didn’t even response the msg we sent

its the weekend usa people seem only work Monday to Friday

Eveeyone in our region has sent support messages starting yesterday when war began in every other region. A day later and not a single person has yet to recieve a response.

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