No war for non ToC regions - pathways mission?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely does this mean non ToC players get 1 more war (7/20) before the end of pathways in 19 days but the ToC players get 3?

Is the real ToC reward Piper because the non ToC players cant get the 30k battles mission in 2 wars but ToC players get 5 wars to try and complete the mission?

Does this also mean non ToC players get 3 wars in 7 weeks?

Please would you clarify


We are like more than halfway to that 30k it’s hordes im worried about

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ToC war is a 24 hour, 6v6 blitz, and half the regions elimated after first matchup. So not really sure there will be as much extra opportunity as you think. CRW will be were the factions will achieve those milestones.

Hordes milestones are what I’m worried about.


Adorable that you think it was meant as a possibility

No war for regions not in TOC… But they put war crates in the shop lol

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Waste of coins cant even get near a pull with them And can offer there is also useless.

Sorry not tokens crates. Theres cans, trainers, wood & food in them

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