No war for my faction - Loading map for 1 hour


We are stuck in loading map for 40 minutes. None of us cant play


@JB.Scopely a fix would be nice , compensation even better :wink:


Seriously, we are the only faction with this bug?


I posted the same thing yesterday. There’s nothing you can do, just gotta wait got the timer to expire. Did you switch generals on the queue?


Dont think so. I dont remember about switching gens or not, thing is we are like this for 1 hour. What time should we wait to expire? My life? :slight_smile:



I was in reserves. Just posting this to show the loading screen appeared for everyone in the faction




So much for catching up to tenth. Ffs. Most likely gonna drop out of the 11-25 prize range too at this rate. Absolute bs


Bumpity bump


We end up the same. After map came back (more then 90 min) we were 111. We hardly got to top 20 with his big gap.


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