No transfers, no communication, same scopely!

So today transfers didn’t happen, no info, not even the standard “we will take it to the team” just ignored and we wont get a response till Tuesday if then, more than likely just ignored. Is this part of the better communication that was promised? Seems things have gotten worse, not better. I have people waiting to be able to join! You have your whales you will milk for WOC, you have them trapped and fooled and they will give you money to feed their egos, stop your bs and let people transfer!

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Damn straight I’m complaining. :angry:

Keep on surviving


Why are you surprised?

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We arnt even worth a “keep surviving” anymore

Never surprised, this is same old scopely being scopely, just calling them out as i always do.

What’s really annoying it’s that we’re forced on this weekend borefest for transfers, and on top of their incompetence they didn’t schedule transfers?

Guess transfers are working, we got our players but my complaint still stands, communication is piss poor

I still will complain about a boring week

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