No transfers for me?

Sorry if this has been covered. I’m currently in wave 1a, waiting to transfer back to 1b, but there is no transfer option at all, the 1b region isn’t even coming up? Bought a key and waited all day to transfer out :confused:

Scopely hasn’t said anything but ppl on the fourm have noticed that WOC region seems to be the only one open for transferring out. My region had one transfer in WOC


Transfers have came up now, but the 1b region I wanted to go back to isn’t even showing :confused:

Which region?

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Dallas region

Oddly enough, when transfers were up for a second I did see Dallas. When transfers are closed its hidden. I made a post a couple days ago asking why i cant see them, no reply…but they do exist.

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Transfers are open for me now, but it seems it’s all 1a regions, I can’t see dallas at all. I last transfer I was in dallas, then moved back to heard 1a, now no dallas. For the past few months I haven’t even been able to make a mini in there to talk to friends as it doesn’t show x

I have Dallas as transfer option

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What wave u in? I’m in 1a just now. I’m gonna check again x

I’m also 1a

Doesn’t even show up for me :confused:

That’s odd. Go to the bottom of English regions then go up

I’ve done it about 10times, I transferred from that region, and couldn’t even go bk and make a mini as it never showed up, same now, it’s not showing. I’ll go look again lol x

Last English region for me is chester, no pike ect, my game has been open the past hour too.

Dallas is MIA for me as well…

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You’re right, I just checked regions on my alt an I can’t find Dallas there

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:confused: carl, where’s your main? I can prob make a mini there and see if Dallas comes up


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I think it’s only there in your list if you already have an account in Dallas.

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My 1b region is still locked

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