No transfer key

Our faction is thinking of transferring. However, one member doesn’t have a key and is unable to buy one - gets message saying “you cannot transfer out of this region. We all got our free keys a while back and our region has not been open for inbound. Any ideas on why she doesn’t have a key and how we can get her one - she is willing to buy it but it isn’t an option for her account.

Probably be able to buy a key when transfers open

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Our transfer window is currently open

Your faction mate will have to try their luck with support and hope they can help

I figured. Wave three so we can’t use half our transfer window due to onslaught so it’s been really smooth so far lol. Thanks

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Nothing scopely does is very helpful lol good luck

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What region?

Dillon region

Can’t you transfer the whole faction, idk as I’ve never moved

You can but someone would need 10k coins.

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Yeah, one member would need to pay over $100 to buy the bundle and since 29 of us already have keys, it would be $100 for one person and even then since she can’t buy it herself, I’m not sure if she would get one from the bundle

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The lead takes the faction with them when they transfer regions. It messages everyone’s inbox where it went. It’s then each individual players responsiblity to transfer and rejoin.


She needs to wait till onslaught is done, can’t buy keys, move while faction events are active

Get her to do some tapjoy offers if she doesn’t have enough coins she be able to buy one after event

No you cant move the whole faction. Each person has to get their own key

I’m on my 10th transfer, I’m practically a doctor

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