No trainers and no gear

Something has to give here… how are we supposed to level these dang s class toons up its almost impossible between gear and trainers…


Most people have the same problem

What they want to give is you to give them your money and buy gear but they dont understand this pushes people away from spending, i know for me and a few others it does


I just want some dam acend offers and a gear/bene event

The game is actively encouraging you not to level them up.

Why level them? Adrenaline rushes and actives are the only things you need to worry about. You don’t get extra credit for levelling s class in level ups. These extra levels and tiers don’t add anything to your gameplay.

Because using a S toon on lvl 1 T1 is the same than a S lvl 150 T4

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I’m 100% sure if the S toons was easy to level and raise their tier, people would devalue them as hell. I agree 100% with the difficult of level them up, this makes people show some value and force them to use some brains in order to put the right effort, but some increase in gear acess via grindable events are welcome for sure.
Also, people complain about lack of trainers… The store have cool offers for trainers bags for coins every day, but people still wasting insane amount of coins on promo wheel in order to have ONE TOON!!

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Only time I do a pull is If I get free coins lol. I dont mind the grind of the game but the amount of trainers it even take to get a s class 1 level is truely nuts even with benis. I’m just saying they are basiclly locking this game up for alot of people it didnt really effect me at first but almost all of my resources are burnt up at this point.

Do you play the game even? Lol theirs a difference between t1 and maxed out, a huge difference, win and lose difference.

Yes I do play the game and I probably play better than you. There is no real difference between tier 1 and tier 4. It’s all a myth that tier 4 adds anything. It doesn’t add anything directly proportional to the amount of food and gear it takes to get there.

Nah but you keep living in fantasy land and maybe one day it will become reality.

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it adds a lot of base stats

Totally agree, it’s a double edge sword, personally won’t be pulling for a toon I can’t LU and I’m sure there are many in the same boat

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I sort of stuck not including S-classes waiting for gear etc etc,


Bizaare statement because food and gear has basically 0 value if not used for leveling up.

No gear no trainers and you got lucky mission are missing. Ahh guess I’ll wait… Also league tokens are a slap in the face.

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Ya kinda in the same boat. have people waiting. I guess I’ll get to them once they are no longer usefull lmao.

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They certainly help, but don’t necessarily make a huge difference for every toon. I’ve often kept toons I’m actively using at T4L1, waiting for a moment when I need the points for leveling them, and T3max isn’t much worse.

But when I do need the points, the ones I’m actively using obviously have priority, because the extra stats certainly don’t hurt.

There’s no difference between a t1 Sclass and a t4 sclass with veteran rings? This might be the most erroneous comment ever made on the forum…


No, no, no, remember @Jojo29 is better at the game than everyone else and knows best. T1 Priya is as powerful as T4 maxed Priya :rofl:

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