No towers perfect war


Having no towers during was a god send. It allowed players to see how good their teams really are. I’m sure it sucked for the F2P teams but that’s why I pay lol. To have an advantage over you. Anyone think no tower war was Op?


Might want to post here


No tower war was definitely not “op”. Op would be back to the way with the towers there, op means “overpowered”. Without them this is just raiding.


Yeah that raid event was great … not really it was terrible lol


Totally agree. War was finally fun again. Battles were longer but it was a really good practice against many different team combination from other region which you cannot see in your own.
I’ve seen many Ericas, Javier, Garret and even Eugene setups that really surprised me with how much strategy i must put into to beat them. And no towers really rewarding the time i put into building my defense.
While with tower like +80% to attack is just another boring auto war.

And i’m writing this as an active player with a f2p roster, who occasionally spending for some small cheap offers. But the perfect compromise between those who like this and those who didn’t would be getting back to nonop towers with minor benefits like max 10-20% to one of your stat.


Terrible is what it was. A grind of epic proportions


Hated it. Missed towers


OP = On Point. Not overpowered like most F2P are complaining about. This event without towers made it really fun. I couldn’t auto every team I fought which made me strategize and have fun doing it.


F2P= Fucking 2 Proud :triumph:


No towers was amazing! Best war in a long time :100:


Agree 100% Awesome to have a no tower war. Maybe they could change it up to have every second CRW or AOW with and without towers to keep everyone happy…


It was stupid in my opinion to have war without towers. But again my opinion. They dragged on longer which in Scopely’s pocket I’m sure is a good thing, more spending. Total between both CRW wars I’m down 27 cans with having mvp in most wars. Again good for Scopely $$$, because I was attacking like an animal, but if drops don’t increase to past standards & tower’s go away, then coins to repair will go away too.


Thought it was perfect, a real test of how good your teams are.

Being mainly F2P myself I don’t mind getting beat by the whales and people who pay for the premiums. But I actually can out of the no tower war feeling good about the team and tactics, managed to defend a lot of attacks and delayed faction destruction on a few occasions.

Beating a lot of different set up along the way. Also allowed me to test some experimental teams against specific set ups with no expectation of winning anyway.

Please do this again.


Might as well just hand the top factions the rewards & forgo war all together. The buffs give players incentives to try & beat better teams, no buffs why bother. You all can complain about F2P but reality is, without them, you have no one to face in competition except each other. That will not work long term, because I’m not full blown spender, but I do spend occasionally.
No tower wars, meh, just start burning my reg energy & stop. Then it drags war on for an extended period. Example, last war yesterday, another teammate & myself were left, I wasn’t burning any cans, nothing to be gained. The other team was stuck in war for an extra 20 minutes trying to kill us lol
And 2 energy to hit a tower, is absurd. Seriously get over it & return war to the way it was. War was the best thing about this game as I have been playing since the early days. Stop fixing what isn’t broken & fix what is


This war sucked for me, at least when we had towers against top factions we’d actually put up a fight. Now if you’re below rank 10 in CRW you’re a punching bag.


F2p here and loving it. Saw how awesome my teams really are. Didn’t have to repair and attack fast fast fast


Maybe switch to 2star defense when you’re ready to move forward?


I’m f2p and I honestly found this war with no towers was good. Our wars lasted a bit longer, our faction members that did fight got their milestones. To me it made it more honest

this is the team I use for attcks


Seriously? 0-7 and 1-7 with a combined total of 250k and you say it was a more honest war?


My Atk team. Worked daily well. Was t able to auto most like with towers but still won about 98% of game. Only team that gives me trouble is Erika lead magna support. Anything else I normally win. The towers being absent let me work on those raids and come up with a good atk strategy. No towers is the best!!