No towers - best thing ever!



Please take this to the team. No towers has made CRW fun again. Just team vs team. No op towers.

Please do this again!

No towers perfect war

I agree and my defense defends a lot more now :sunglasses:


While I do think team vs team is fun and a different way to do things I cant help but feel bad for my member who do not field triple revive shield teams as they are many camps they cant even touch. Game wants to much time already to do even basic farming and competition. Now we spend 20 mins hacking through the same cookie cutter erika carl teams over and over and over again.

I just done see why towers csnt go back to their moderate boost that didnt have to skew the whole battle yet still have the little guys some chance to compete. For now it’s a massacre and my faction seems bored as fuck playing against endless coin japense where every person has the most amazing team imaginable. Hard pass on this again personally


Odds are the coining factions will own the towers. So that argument is moot.

I don’t have a shield or revive toon (F2P) and I can beat most teams…

Yes, if towers went back to 20%, I can agree with this.


Not true any faction with the right tower taking team has a chance to take a tower. Everybody is on a equal start if they have the right toons. I had a 99 percent success rate last war and it helped them out immensely and we were taking towers before even the best faction could. Now its instantly decided.

Great you have a colorful roster but not everyone in this game is lucky. Some dont even have mirabell still since rngesus hates them. I meant more for defense they are getting wrecked without triple revive shields. A f2p defense just isnt gonna cut it long is all. Glad some people out there enjoy the format tho


There can never be 100% satisfaction. No matter what decision is made some will be for and some will be against it. I must say the leader board looks totally different today than it did yesterday. Some factions we just couldn’t beat them to towers lol.


We are winning without them.


Yes, no towers allows the better teams to win.


My F2P defense gets many defends.


Do not worry. Soon, towers will be restored with their glorious boosts and our enemies will beg for mercy.

We will show none. Their streets and rivers shall run red with the blood of their toons.


Towers have always been part of war. And getting towers has nothing to with p2w. I bet everyone takes a big hit on cans after this war with all the bounces and no free cans from towers. Which is probably the real reason behind no towers this war. I would be fine if there were no towers if they got rid of the 20 percent boost. Put a triple revive double shield all modded team as general and it’s worse than raiding.


Nah it’s stupid, now it takes about half an hour to beat a single team, not to mention i can’t beat those triple revive double shields. Towers IS NOT A P2P mechanic, f2p can get them just as fast as p2ps. And we complained about just one op tower, so we got 3 good towers last war. If u lose one u still got the other two. It made the games more fast paced and fun again


Oh ok if you do fine then there is no problems at all for anybody. Carry on eveyone. Sheesh


Coining factions own the towers? This makes no sense.


I assume you never got these types of teams


Not sure how I feel about it or how it frames the game.
If your lucky enough to have a roster strong enough to not need towers this won’t effect you at all. If you are an unlucky player or regular joe , you’re getting hit hard with half the game plan thrown out the window


Yea these guys are loving no towers. What an obnoxious team.


Bro when you come up against these teams you just flee lol.


What did you think i did​:joy::joy::joy:


I just fought a team with Dante, violet, Magna, Erika and Carl. Killed everyone and forgot Carl was a reviver and before i knew it the entire team was revived with full health and bonus hp lol.