No timer in museum collection for Pete Anderson and now gone

Pete Anderson havent got timer in museum, and now gone, i was waiting till last seconds to claim keys which had timer instead of Pete, and then in the morning I want to claim Pete but he disappears from museum, now have keys but no Pete.
That shouldnt happen, there should be timer when You want it disappears and players to claim and have a chance to claim not one but two Pete’s if collecting keys till last seconds.

Also there is no timer for sombrero, balls ans shells so this items has ulimited claim time?

Bring back Pete Anderson to museum and i will claim him imediately

Museum is kinda broke recently

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The timer was there and expired when it said it would. However the timer is broken in some instances in that it is sometimes not appearing. For example here:

When i had zero sombreros there was timer, now disappears

I’m sure he will come back up when he’s the promo.

The same here.No timer for me.
Bring back Pete to museum!!!

I had no timer either and also was waiting to see if I might get enough blue keys for the S-class Pete. I want my 6 star Pete! I’m waiting on a response from support. I have decided I WILL cancel my Survivor’s Club membership if I do not get him.

I had received answer from support that nothing they can do becouse the collection has ended and they do not know when or if the collection will be back, and i have to check museum from time to time if the collection is back.

I was waiting also for more blue key for the S-class Pete and not claiming 6* Pete, but there was no timer and i have completely no idea when Pete Andreson collection ends! Also i though that if no timer then the collection is active whole time!

That is a definetely scopely mistake or game bug with this collection timer and now they nothing can do, that shouldnt happen!

Same thing for me in Hart.
Never had a timer
Never had a warning of expiration in the museum.
Just disappeared.

Bring back earned blue keys and Pete to museum.

Wonder, how many people was waiting to collect enough key for S-class Pete instead of claiming 6* Pete Anderson!

Bring back keys and Pete Anderson Scopely.
Give us a chance to collect S-class or to just claim 6*

Spread the word about this and let’s see if we can’t get Pete back (and our keys if we don’t have them). Support gave me the same standard answer.
This was a NEW class of toon, like dual specialists Axel and Roxie. Why WOULDN’T we think the collection would stay there like it is for Axel & Roxie when there was NO timer?
I am beyond peeved about this.
#cancelSC is gonna be next!

Where is the official response on this?
In game support says nothing.
A DM to @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely has done nothing yet.
When can we expect a response in this.

Support still sayin same thing, any news to that case?

I have nothing relevant to share on this for the time being but be aware that these items (Pete & Collections) have been escalated.

@ JB.Scopely @ GR.Scopely

The only thing I want to know is when Pete will return to the museum.

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