No Thanksgiving for Scopley due to the rewards


Due to the rewards, Scopley won’t have any money to buy Thanksgiving supplies this year. No faction seems to be motivated to fight unless they want to. Less revenue will be coming in because of this.

What do y’all think?


Didn’t kali mentioned that they are working for holiday characters? Won’t they take money from there?


My region seems as active as ever. Don’t know about spending, but think i’ve seen as much coining as usual.


Same here, war as usual.

I don’t know where people are boycotting but it’s not in Irwin.


War is the best part of the game. It’s fun, why would anyone sabotage their own enjoyment? It’s not all about prizes.


Let me rephrase that. War is the most boring part of the game. Slow search times, glitches, bugs, no diversity in leader team, horrific rewards, so how could anyone want to participate in War? It’s all about the rewards. If it wasn’t people wouldn’t be complaining and leaving the game.


oh well they aren’t missing much normally the Turkey is dry or undercooked.


My Turkey is always moist and properly cooked, so I guess you’re gonna have to better prepare yours this year.



Yeah no one here is spending either. Everyone just farming refills and not spending. Only faction spending is the faction that always spends (usually 2nd to 3rd in war) cause they can’t beat anyone in top 5 without outspending them.