No survey in a while?


I’m finding it strange that we haven’t had a Scopely survey for a while​:thinking:, I wonder why? Do you think they know we are happy and content? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I get pop ups for a survery weekly. But every time I click on it nothing happens. Probably banned from doing them because of not having an opinion of approval.


They never really bother with community input anyway, so what’s the point?


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I haven’t received a survey in at least 6monts, maybe more. Seems kind of odd but then again I’m sure they already know exactly what we all have to say anyway :laughing:


I get them weekly and always skip them.


I just started getting them again. Annoying.


I’ve gotten a survey for the last three days and I have never done one, I always close them


I get them as well.
I don’t bother, they don’t give a damn about what I have to say so no point.


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