No strategy anymore. Just 6*s


3 stun guns and 2 impair guns. Yeah 100% legit and fair.Been playing 2 years and now there is no more strategy in the game,it’s about who has the most 6*s with the highest stats and before anyone says “get good” and $hit…Bitch please. :thinking:


Seems to me you could see they had an Erica lead and still went in with a trait disadvantage. So unless your packing alot of stun swords, your doing it all wrong.


I don’t disagree that weapon mods just made a mess of things, too much rng involved in combat. Too many setups rely heavily on luck.

But you’re not saying that it’s impossible to have 3 stun guns and 2 impair guns when you use legit sarcastically, right? A year ago I might say it could be a cheat but these days all it takes is leveling to 110 and getting 10 free tries with free duct tape and polishing kits.


I laugh at stun guns now. Just use Mirabelle.


You got a point but even if I went with another lead in same thing would have happened.


Yeah you are probably right.


Hahaha. Best quote of the day, and I agree. I did say that to people before, but it’s not nice, so I stopped saying it for good. :joy:


Seriously? Get good is a jovial ribbing. It’s fun and friendly, and if two words can upset you, perhaps there are larger issues at play than how good you are at a video game.


Thread Starter has a point…


Yep same here😛


Yep. This game would be better if they would get rid of the special stats cause it’s ruining the game. I love how I don’t have a chance anymore with stun taunt Ab d taunt. The game is a shell of what good it once was. Hope they get rid of the armory to balance the game again cause multiple stun guns impair guns and the other specialty bs is making it harder and harder to play


Its still easier to go in with a 4k Attack Tyreese in such a situation.


I’m assuming ur running stun swords cause a full stun defense will tear u up otherwise. I also go in full Carl against full red, but I’m packing stun on all toons that can carry it. The fact he’s raising the issue suggest he lacks these assets.


I agree, but am virtually certain the way they’ll “balance” things is with 5* weapons, and some new mechanic like equippable gear. It’s easier to press the reset button than it is to spend the time and energy required to fairly balance things.


I legit can’t see the problem in your case after seeing a six star shiva…who has stun as a active skill


Yeah… Sadly the faction assault hints at this with the reduction or immunity to certain status’…


I suffered a long time with stun gune and impair weapons. I now have built a team to get around that. I also now have quite a few weapons with same mods. I get around them with shiva and stun on attack. It gets quite boring without a challenge work on a counter team. Most battles will take longer now and are made to outlast these weapon mods. I don’t want a team that I can destroy, I want a challenge to have to work for the win.


Working toward, and finding, that counter can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. I think the problems arise when the rate of power creep is out of whack with a reasonable capacity to keep up.

Thinking and strategy have been completely marginalized by the complete randomness of outcomes we all have at what is required to actualize the counter to a particular build. On top of that, by the time you’ve been lucky enough to get the results you know will have the impact you want, the counter you’ve created is obsolete.


I am killing Erika prety fast even with Carl lead, so far i did not lost a single attack on this war with a double shiva setup


No strategy really? The strategy is to make you buy 6* xD